meet the boys of ‘beats’, the euphoric movie resurrecting 90s rave culture

Cristian Ortega and Lorn Macdonald are the young stars of Scottish movie 'Beats', a coming-of-age tale exploring friendship, freedom and illegal raves.
Douglas Greenwood

scotland is going to be the first country to make pads and tampons free for all students

The $6.7 million scheme is a major step in eradicating period poverty, which sees hundreds of thousands of young women struggle to afford basic sanitary products.
Georgie Wright

what is the future of scottish football?

As the World Cup draws to a close, Judith Erwes documents Scotland’s young footballers.
Felix Petty

new exhibit rip it up tells the story of scottish pop.

You’ve maybe never been to Scotland, but the chances are you’ve had more than a taste of it in your groove box.
Hanna Hanra

low income women in scotland will now be provided with free sanitary products

This should be rolled out everywhere.
Roisin Lanigan
the sounding off issue

i-d’s music class of 2018: shogun

“I’ve got squinty eyes and a massive head with a big double crown. I’m a white kid that raps, and I’m a bit chubby. But no one ever says anything about that. It’s always fried Mars bars!” — meet Scotland’s Shogun, next up in i-D’s Class of 2018.
Georgie Wright

“in glasgow it's easier to stand out” – five graduates shaping the city's art reputation

It’s time to flock north of the border! This year’s Glasgow School of Art design graduates tell i-D about their work, and how the city gained its reputation as Britain’s new art mecca.
Douglas Greenwood

how are scotland's young people going to vote? we found out, straight up!

With the number of young people in Britain neither registering, nor voting, at a terrifying high, we went across the country speaking to the teenagers and young adults hoping for change. As photographer Nuala Swan takes to the streets of Glasgow, we...
i-D Staff

raveheart: inside the 90s world of tartan techno

For the second of our Global Street Style documentaries, we went to Scotland to meet the young people ripping up Glasgow's underground clubbing scene. Here, we look back to i-D’s Supernova Issue, and revisit a time when gabba ruled, beats were four-to...
Bethan Cole

a beginners guide to: glasgow

As we launch a new video looking into Glasgow’s current wave of party makers, musicians and fashion students, look back to the icons and iconoclasts who’ve helped build Scotland’s second city’s incredible reputation as a breeding ground for new talent...
Felix Petty

inside glasgow's illegal after-hours party scene

In the second installment of our Global Street Style documentary series, i-D crosses the border into Scotland to meet the young people carving out Glasgow's underground scene. Discontent with the current political climate, they are artfully rebelling...
i-D Staff

​how 'trainspotting' schooled a lost generation of scots in the power of patriotism

Choose tartan. Choose shortbread. Choose sectarian soccer violence. Choose using a film about junkies in Leith to help you love your country. 20 years after the original 'Trainspotting' dropped, we revisit its impact on Scottish youth.
Douglas Greenwood