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what does london sound like at night?

BBZ, NTS and Boiler Room are each shaping the capital's nightlife in their own unique and innovative way. We meet the geniuses behind the platforms.
Ryan White
Hattie Collins

edwin mohney on the beauty of designing in london

To the small town kids looking to find their place in the world, let designer and Central Saint Martins student Edwin Mohney remind you of the possibilities that await in London.
Ryan White

philip ellis designs for the world he wants, not the world he sees

His anti-Brexit graduate collection turned heads last year. Now, with a general election looming, and a right-wing government ever likely, we need designers like Philip Ellis more than ever.
Ryan White

jesse james and rejjie snow soundtrack a disaffected youth

Forward-thinking, introspective, modern; south east London's Jesse James Solomon and Dublin's Rejjie Snow make music for a generation who find inspiration in apathy and ennui. As they are shot by Tim Walker for The Creativity Issue, we meet the friends...
Ryan White

meet the artists behind miley's bangerz

Geoffrey Lillemon and Diane Martel, the artists behind the visuals of 2014’s most extravagant, ostentatious world tour; the Miley Cyrus Bangerz tour, first made contact in an appropriately mad manner. “I WANT TO WORK WITH YOU,” Diane emailed Geoffrey...
Ryan White

derek ridgers is still photographing london's subcultures

Derek Ridgers’ London Youth gives unprecedented access into the heart and soul of the subcultures that defined London’s alternative club scene across the 70s and 80s. From the latter days of punk to the early days of acid house, Ridgers’ lens...
i-D Team
Ryan White
Think Pieces

j.g. ballard, predicted social media in i-D 27 years ago

Our ever-growing obsession with documenting and curating every aspect of our lives online was something predicted on the very pages of i-D by esteemed and controversial cyberpunk author J. G. Ballard in The Fear Issue, No. 53, November 1987.
Ryan White