Ryan McGinley


these artists capture the spirit of 00s new york in all its rock and roll glory

Lizzy Goodman’s ‘Meet Me in the Bathroom: The Art Show’ showcases photos of your favourite bands alongside work by Ryan McGinley and Dash Snow.
Nicole DeMarco
Created with Birkenstock

the free-spirited birkenstock x valentino campaign features ryan mcginley and is shot by roe ethridge

As one of last season’s best collaborations lands in store, we share an exclusive look in the new Roe Ethridge-shot campaign film with Ryan McGinley and Lili Sumner.
i-D Staff

'young americans' is a document of new york's youth

Photographer Marie Tomanova's new book has an introduction by her hero Ryan McGinley.
Jack Sunnucks

relive a heady european summer with these intoxicating photos

Chad Moore’s latest exhibition Too Late, So Soon will have you clinging to the last vestiges of your holidays.
Georgie Wright

petra collins on the power and pain of coming of age

Petra Collins' new work is a scrapbook of human emotion.
Rory Satran

a look inside ryan mcginley’s family album

An obsessive user of his iPhone camera and a man deeply in love, Ryan McGinley shares a collection of intimate moments between him and his boyfriend for Luis Venegas’s latest edition of Ey! Boy.
Ryan White

glenn o’brien, laurie simmons, and ryan mcginley write about photos they love

Dear Dave, features personal essays on unpredictable photos from 25 creatives. In exclusive excerpts from issue 25, Ryan McGinley remembers exploring San Francisco with Sandy Kim, and Glenn O'Brien writes about the iconic silver interior of Warhol's...
Hannah Ongley

​revisit i-D’s i-Conic mental health book safe and sound this mental health awareness week

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, we revisit i-D’s Safe and Sound, a book that told the stories of many who’ve come through tough times as inspiration for us all, from Nick Knight to Raf Simons, Giorgio Armani to Ryan McGinley. And we are...
Georgie Wright

ryan mcginley's polaroid subjects: where are they now?

The Kids Were All Right — but how are they now?
Adam Lehrer

photographing the faces of america's protest movements

In his new book, photographer Peter Voelker captures quiet moments within the powerful social justice demonstrations that have swept the U.S. since 2012.
Alice Newell-Hanson

more than a muse: larry clark, ryan mcginley, and the late dash snow star in new group show

We talk to the exhibition’s curator Aiden Tuite about what it means to be a muse.
Tish Weinstock

to love somebody, ryan mcginley

Everything is about love really; every song, book, painting and text message, so we’ll keep it short. Love will change you, but never in the way you think. Love is strange, but being in love is the most normal thing in the world. There is nothing...
Jack Sunnucks