you can actually have a type on paper, according to science

Love Island contestants vindicated.
Roisin Lanigan

is pizza is the only thing better than love?

According to photographer Stella Asia Consonni, yes. Yes it is.
Georgie Wright
love week

five couples on the intricacies of their relationships

How did you tell them you loved them? What's their weirdest habit? Do you agree on politics? We got one of our favourite new photographers, Ekua King, to shoot someone loved-up couples.
i-D Team
love week

what’s dating like as a young muslim woman?

"I feel like people have a certain preconception of what a Muslim girl believes about herself and I think it's a shame."
i-D Staff
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what’s love in 2018?

A modern guide to dating, hooking up and opting out of romance.
Clementine de Pressigny
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the death of romance and the rise of 'the loner' in collectivist south korea

A growing number of South Korean millennials cannot afford or cannot be bothered to date.
Crystal Tai

watch what happens when you lock three couples in a room for twenty four hours

Bonobo’s new video may not be Love Island, but it’s the next best thing.
Georgie Wright

love, family, music and building pyramids with jaden smith

As the son of Will ‘n’ Jada and the elder brother of Willow, Jaden Smith’s gene pool is nothing short of extraordinary, as is his mind. Talking to the 16-year-old is like being sucked into a wormhole galaxy far, far away...
Hattie Collins