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why we can all do better with ghosting

Do we need to accept it as part of dating now, or does something need to change?
Nick Levine

stacy martin stars in daniel blumberg's vulnerable new video

Recorded at a Paris hotel in one take, 'Family' is a delicate ode to the complexities of love and heartbreak.
J.L. Sirisuk

monogamy may be even more difficult for women than it is for men

Experts are challenging long-held ideas about gender and fidelity.
Justin Lehmiller, PhD

5 reasons why your ex is getting back in touch

With help from the founder of cult Insta account @textsfromyourex, we break down why your former bae isn’t staying away.
Megan Wallace

a guide to which dating app is the best for you

Which one to download if you have your shit together? Which one to download if you want fill the void in your life with meaningless swiping? Plus more info.
Emily Reynolds

a guide to writing a good tinder bio

We spoke to some experts.
Emily Reynolds
love week

this is how me too has changed dating for our generation

“Nobody said this was going to be easy, but it’s a reckoning and it’s still coming. We’ve only just seen the start of it.”
Emily Goddard
love week

young, femme and hitched: meet the couple trailblazing a more modern marriage

We vowed never to use the phrase ‘couple goals’ in a sentence, but, well, they are.
Staff I-D
love week

as a queer black male, i'm tired of being fetishised on grindr

What are the border lines between attraction and fetishisation?
André-Naquian Wheeler
love week

how do you handle dating with mental illness?

When you have to deal with things like anxiety and depression, dating gets another layer of complication. There is good news though: the vast majority of people are willing to accept and learn about mental illness.
Emily Reynolds
love week

these women are making a commitment to being single

We explore why more and more millennial women are opting out of dating, how they make it a part of their life and what effect is has on them.
Jelena Woehr
love week

what effect are porn and dating apps having on our love lives?

Writer Megan Nolan weighs in her own experiences.
Megan Nolan