lfw goes nightclubbing

As London's spring/ summer 17 shows got underway, the city's new generation of young designers put the fun back in fashion--and the establishment joined the party.
Anders Christian Madsen

​i-D throwback: recreating the rave dream with happy hardcore

For it’s 1995, and this is happy hardcore – a bunch of kids across the UK who are trying to re-ignite the rave fantasy of love, peace and unity. Taken from The Sharp Issue, no.140, May 95.
Simon Reynolds

​energy flash: the rise and fall and lasting influence of the rave scene

Looking beyond rave’s traditional sites to trace its influence through fashion and art, from Mark Leckey to Walter Van Beirendonck.
Jeppe Ugelvig

exploring ukraine's underground rave revolution

The 2014 revolution brought Kiev nightlife to a complete standstill. As protests turned into riots, and government security forces opened fire on protestors, the country fell into crisis. But out of the ashes of revolution has risen a new generation...
i-D Staff

venture into tehran’s illegal rave scene

A new documentary follows two techno DJs defying the Islamic regime simply by indulging their passion.
Hannah Ongley

telling ​the true story of rave

Billy ‘Daniel’ Bunter wants to tell the untold story of rave music through the struggle and the streets, the working class kids who made it happen and the artists who defined its aesthetic.
Ian McQuaid

red bull music academy brings #0800R1NG2RAV3 to london

Hark back to the hey day of underground rave culture this Friday.
Lynette Nylander

how berlin's rave fashion was born

In the early 90s Berlin was dancing in clothing that looked like it was on a trip too, probably because it was made it the middle of one.
Lisa Riehl

the i-D guide to the music videos of the rave era

Hardcore… you know the score! Here’s eight awesome rave visuals from the 90s that you need to see. Grab your smily face t and get ready for a serious Smartie party…
Ian McQuaid
Think Pieces

find out why every pop, cult and club movement needs it's own defining dance

It's a thing isn't it? Dancing, if you know what I mean... dancing is a form of expression that you either have or you haven't, so they say. You can learn it like singing but there's nothing like a good old spirited dad-dance to raise a smile and a bit...
Princess Julia

is this mulletover? geddes tells all after the curtain call

Few parties can say that they’ve delivered consistently good line-up's with vibes that are always something to write home about. At their 10th anniversary and last ever mulletover we chat to the co-founder as resident DJ Geddes, finding out where it...
James Hutchins

Eats Everything in conversation with Catz 'n Dogz

Touring and train travelling together across Europe, house and techno beat makers Catz 'n Dogz, go head to head in conversation with Eats Everything.
James Hutchins