Rana Plaza


bangladesh isn’t fashion’s only dirty secret

We’ve winced at "Made in Bangladesh" labels since the deadly Rana Plaza collapse in 2013, but this Fashion Revolution Week we must open our eyes to factory conditions around the world.
Jake Hall

we must keep pressure on brands to protect garment workers

Launched in 2013 after the deadly collapse of Rana Plaza -- a garment factory producing clothes for the British high street -- the legally binding fire and safety agreement, the Bangladesh Accord, must be renewed by May.
Tansy Hoskins

​rana plaza: factory owner among 38 charged with murder

After owners had been warned that the building was unsafe, the Bangladesh garment factory collapsed in April 2013, killing 1,137 people and injuring a further 2,500.
Charlotte Gush
Think Pieces

‘australian made’ doesn’t mean your clothes are sweatshop and child labor free

Our narrow focus on locally made products often means turning a blind eye to the very real problems in Australian manufacturing.
Naomi Russo

​is the fashion revolution actually happening?

Fashion Revolution week calls for a more ethically sound and sustainable fashion system, but is the industry is actually moving in the right direction?
Tom Rasmussen

41 charged with murder over bangladesh clothing factory collapse

Bangladesh police have charged government and factory officials over the 2013 Rana Plaza disaster, which left more than 1,100 people dead.
Isabelle Hellyer
Think Pieces

‘made in china’, the truth about the high street

We explore the malpractice marring our clothing industry and predicting the future of how we shop.
Bertie Brandes