queer spaces


This short film is an ode to queer nightlife in pre-lockdown London

Remember clubbing? 💔
Roisin Lanigan

Heaven and hell collide at Bushwick's newest queer nightclub

The duo behind Mood Ring opened Heaven or Las Vegas with a sinful Valentine’s Day disco and the looks did not disappoint.
Erica Euse

the new exhibition exploring queer spaces in london from past to present

From cruising to cabarets, how has the queer landscape of the capital changed over the past four decades?
Liam Hess

How Sophie radically changed the music industry

One of the most visionary producers of her generation, Sophie continues to test the boundaries within which electronic music exists. In a rare interview, she discusses queer spaces, fame, and the importance of PC Music.
Ryan White
queer spaces

how to run your own lgbt venue

We speak to The Glory's John Sizzle and Her Upstairs' Meth about jacuzzis, door policies and why you should you never mess with a 6'2 promoter in drag.
Nick Levine

this film explores queerness beyond nightlife

With LGBT spaces closing at an alarming rate, i-D looks at the importance of queer culture transcending nightlife to create community spaces for a potentially otherwise isolated group of people.
Lily Rose Thomas
Think Pieces

the uk's best gay club opens one weekend a year, in a field in somerset

Traditionally the playground of liberated hippies, old rockers, druids and bearded musos, in 2007 Glastonbury introduced a new space: Block 9. Inside, a three-story NYC block was built and behind its facade lay the ultimate gay club.
Paul Flynn

beyond clubbing: when going out is more than partying

In the film series Beyond Clubbing, i-D Germany explores what makes the underground Berlin party scene so unique. They talk to the key players breaking boundaries and starting important discussions.
Alexandra Bondi de Antoni
i-D Germany

how queer spaces have the power to shape society

Building on the experiences that the first episode of our Summer of Love video series explores, Stephen Isaac-Wilson discusses how LGBT nightlife spaces offer a sweaty sanctuary from prejudice and discrimination, and why we should do everything in our...
Stephen Isaac-Wilson
i-D Staff

bachelorette beauty services is the queer friendly salon taking on the beauty industry

By creating a LGBTQ friendly space they’re proving that self-care is a powerful thing.
Wendy Syfret