the significance of men's fashion at pride

From drag queens to leather daddies, we look into the defiant visibility of dressing up at Pride.
James Greig

why pop music is getting more queer

"Every time we see a push to the right politically — as we are seeing across the globe right now — it is preceded by a period of liberty, of advancement in civil rights, and of freedom of expression."
Ilana Kaplan

how queer teens are using instagram’s ‘close friends’ function to open up

More and more of us are shunning the main TL, instead embracing smaller, safer spaces to discuss sexuality, mental health, and identity.
Kelsey Barnes

the story behind ‘young new york’, ethan james green’s first photography book

A document of queer talent on the cusp of success.
Liam Hess

we asked queer muslims for their thoughts on the lgbtq lessons debate

In the past month, queer Muslims have had to sit back and watch as both their faith and their sexuality are relentlessly put under the microscope.
Yusuf Tamanna

is cinema finally demystifying queer sex work?

After decades of misrepresentation, movies like 'Sauvage' are finally getting to grips with the nuances of an occupation dismissed as seedy and exploitative.
Douglas Greenwood
Tijuana: A Mexican Dream

tijuana’s most extra characters discuss the city's queer nightlife scene

"If we don’t make some noise, who the fuck is going to?"
Cheryl Santos
In collaboration with Maison Margiela

the queer grime artist changing the scene

Karnage Kills is unequivocally femme and fearless.
Douglas Greenwood

discovering dysphoria at my big, big age: naeem davis on realising their dream of top surgery

As two beloved members of the queer community -- Kai Isaiah Jamal and Naeem Davis of BBZ -- hope to realise their dream of having chest reconstruction surgery, Naeem shares their story of discovering dysphoria at a later age.
Naeem Davis
In collaboration with Maison Margiela

how to live a radical existence, with fatima jamal

Fatima Jamal doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her. The American interdisciplinary artist has spent too long thwarting the jibes of those unlike her -- a queer, black, trans, femme woman -- to truly take note of her haters.
Douglas Greenwood

diary of a drag queen: crystal rasmussen on writing a book "by a queer for queers about queers"

The brilliant debut book by Crystal Rasmussen is out today, and we're sharing an exclusive excerpt and intro by the fabulous author herself. This memoir is juicy and unapologetic. It might make you cry, and it will most definitely make you laugh.
Tom Rasmussen

gay for play: how video games became a space to virtually explore queerness

As a newly-opened exhibition at Berlin’s Schwules Museum examines the queer history of video games, writer Jake Hall investigates the ways in which virtual worlds have provided an escape for young people the world over.
Jake Hall