Pop Art


The punk artists who inspired Palace’s up coming capsule collection

In the 70s, John Dove and Molly White dressed Debbie Harry and Iggy Pop. Now, their striking work is inspiring a Palace capsule collection out this month.
Douglas Greenwood

tt the artist is the baltimore club queen bringing women to the front

Whether she's running a feminist record label or painting 'Black pop art,' TT won't be confined to one discipline.
Sarah Gooding

the world may be changing but duggie fields remains so cool

With the BFI’s sold out celebration of his films set to take place tomorrow afternoon, we met with the kiss curled, Spock-browed master of Maximalism at home in his beloved Earls Court.
Matthew Whitehouse

​tate modern explores pop around the world

Pop Art wasn’t just a western phenomenon, it turned up everywhere from Latin America to Asia, Eastern Europe to the Middle East.
Felix Petty

how pop art influenced fashion

i-D investigates the special relationship between visual art and fashion.
i-D Team

meet the new internet cult art hero, ms nina

At a time when every model – no matter how good they actually look – is getting retouched to appear prettier and thinner, you could almost forget that there is more to photography than Photoshop. But that doesn’t apply to Jorgeline Andrea Torres aka Ms...
Bela-Tess Wind

basquiat, ai wei wei and keith haring in new post pop show at the saatchi

Capitalists and Communists were equally seduced by the power of Pop Art, a new show at the Saatchi Gallery reveals.
Stuart Brumfitt

allen jones & the directness of pop art

He might’ve been a college contemporary of David Hockney, a friend of Ed Ruscha and a creator of one of the world’s most recognisable pieces of art (Chair, a tied-up woman fashioned into the base of a seat), but it’s a wonder that Allen Jones and the...
Stuart Brumfitt

ray johnson and the birth of mail art

Today, the only things in our mailboxes are bedding catalogues and menus from Chinese takeouts. But for legendary pop artist Ray Johnson, mailboxes were the Met.
i-D Team

introducing the crown prince of pop art: philip colbert and the rodnik band

If Andy Warhol and Katy Perry had a love child (amidst claims that the father was actually Marcel Duchamp) he’d be a lot like Philip Colbert. The Willy Wonka of Wearable Art, Philip sees humour in the banal, and satire in the commonplace, which is why...
Tish Weinstock

opening andy warhol's time capsules

It’s all happening! Tonight, one of Andy Warhol’s storied Time Capsules will be opened at the recently renovated Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. From 1974 until his death, America’s most famous Pop artist filled cardboard boxes with the ephemera of daily...
i-D Team