Peter Hujar


The online Peter Hujar exhibition you need to see now

Pace Gallery’s 'Peter Hujar: Cruising Utopia' combines unreleased images from the late photographer’s archive with some of his best-known portraits.
Mahoro Seward

10 iconic photographs that became album covers

How images by Nan Goldin, Deana Lawson, Peter Hujar, Diane Arbus, and Ryan McGinley have found new life as record sleeves.
Emily Manning

inside the first major retrospective of peter hujar's evocative portraits

As a traveling retrospective of the artist’s work begins its two-year run this week, we explore why Hujar — a critical chronicler of New York City’s creative and queer communities — is so important today.
Emily Manning

my truth: anohni curates her first exhibition

The 'Hopelessness' artist presents her own work alongside subculture icons from around the world at a gallery in Germany.
Jack Sunnucks

intimate photos of nyc's creative icons by peter hujar

Opening tomorrow, Peter Hujar’s new exhibition ‘Lost Downtown’ transports us to a time when drag queens, artists, and penniless writers ruled the lawless Lower East Side.
Emily Manning

warhol superstar candy darling, came from out on the island...

Jeremiah Newton was Candy Darling’s best friend and roommate between the years of 1965-1974 and would go on to be the keeper of Candy’s estate. He released the book, My Face For The World To See: The Diaries, Letters And Drawings of Candy Darling, Andy...
Sarah Hay