Performance Art


revisiting the legacy of theatre’s enfant terrible

A new retrospective at MoMA PS1 in Long Island takes us inside Reza Abdoh’s world of queer culture and social decay.
Mariana Fernandez

four queer artists on how their work helped them survive

How these new wave queer artists used their work as a political tool for coming to terms with who they are, and for helping others do the same.
Amelia Abraham
The Radical Issue

urara tsuchiya is the most surreal ceramicist you’ll ever have the pleasure of knowing

Spanning a number of different disciplines -- ceramics, performance, video, costume -- Urara's work reifies the absurdities of human life and nature with a unique and droll charm.
Ryan White
The Radical Issue

the phantasmagoric world of artist kris lemsalu and her monkey skull named erik

Estonian multi-disciplinary artist Kris Lemsalu creates sculptures and performances that playfully dance along the lines of humanity and mortality.
Ryan White

my liberating transition: performance artist imma asher tells her story

As she awaits her facial feminisation surgery, trans performance artist Imma Asher reflects on the moment she realised her drag character IMMA/MESS was just another means of hiding her true self.
Imma Asher

mj harper will make you rethink the art of dance

Shot by Tim Walker for The Creativity Issue, MJ Harper creates hypnotic physical sketches.
Clementine de Pressigny

language, politics and performance with laurie anderson

The legendary musician and performance artist talks Trump, technology, about the time JFK sent her a dozen roses.
Nadja Sayej

step into linder sterling’s mad and magical fairytale

The iconic artist opens up about her marathon performance piece that debuted at Duke of York Steps at the ICA at the weekend. A five hour long revue that saw her collaborate with Christopher Shannon and her son Maxwell, and took in fairy tales via...
Felix Petty

inside the new tate modern

As the Tate Modern prepares to open the doors on its brand new building, we look at its new exhibitons and the way the gallery has changed art in Britain.
Felix Petty

penny arcade: performance artist, public speaker, activist, and fighter for gay liberation

The icon of the counter-culture's new performance work takes aim at the gentrification of New York, and the lost world it replaced.
Tom Rasmussen

​radical dancer boris charmatz to stage tate modern takeover

The French dance maverick will fill the gallery with choreography inspired by mouths.
Charlotte Gush

hari nef and colin self star in new performance art film

Artists Mike and Claire have roped in New York’s young performance art stars for their latest film, Perform.
Charlotte Gush