london musician oscar scheller is making feelings a priority

He's making big sounds with cool friends and challenging the status quo about mental health while he’s at it.
Russell Dean Stone

girli and oscar always text each other back

As the two up-and-comers release their catchy new collaboration 'Breaking My Phone,' we get a candid look at their text convo. Dw, they're not the kind to leave you hanging.
Francesca Dunn

barbie recreates ​zendaya’s oscars look

The musician and actor says it’s an honor to be part of Barbie's efforts to diversify beauty.
Charlotte Gush

​a guide to london’s visions festival… in illustration form

Ahead of their set at this weekend’s Visions Festival, Spanish girl band Hinds get creative.
Francesca Dunn

10 tracks you should have been listening to this year

End of year lists are an epidemic this time of year - the internet is practically buckling under the weight of them! That said they’re a pretty decent excuse to make a brew, look back over the mountain of stuff that happened over the past year and give...
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straight ups

oscar, jasper the dog

The What Is Love? Issue of i-D is out now, and to celebrate the variety of warm, giddy feelings, states and emotions the "L" word evokes, we photograph the coolest couples, lovers, friends and their cats, straight up.
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Anjelica Huston, young hearts run free

From supermodel to photographer's muse and Oscar winning actress, Anjelica Huston has lived a colourful life, which is now the subject of a stunning autobiography entitled A Story Lately Told: Coming of Age in Ireland, London and New York.
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