a guide to all the references in riccardo tisci’s debut burberry collection

Punk, passports and Peter Saville.
Liam Hess
2 days ago

thoughts on justin bieber’s new style

A love letter to the scumbro.
Felix Petty
5 days ago

are dad trainers over?

And are we all bored of ugly fashion now?
Felix Petty

in defence of marissa cooper

She’s the almost universally reviled female lead of teen drama 'The O.C.', but it’s time to start paying Marissa Cooper the respect she deserves.
Alim Kheraj
Think Pieces

why this tweet about mental health services went viral

Going to A&E in the midst of a mental health crisis, writer Emily Reynolds was turned away with nothing more than a pamphlet. When she tweeted about the absurdly inadequate treatment, the response from others about similar experiences was overwhelming.
Emily Reynolds
Think Pieces

the importance of depicting “tucking” on screen for trans women

As the 2018 summer heat flares to record highs across the globe, the pressure to "tuck" explodes. For the first time, this simple act played out sensitively on screen in 'Pose'.
Sessi Kuwabara Blanchard

grindr has a new app to address discrimination

Grindr’s upcoming rebrand to ‘Kindr’ says “It’s time to play nice” -- but what can an app do to solve the epidemic of discrimination among gay men?
Yusuf Tamanna

how robyn became the master of pop

After nearly a decade, Robyn is back to save us with her new solo single Missing U. It’s just further proof as to why she’s one of the world’s most important players in pop.
Alim Kheraj
Think Pieces

how can fashion be decolonised?

Fashion is peppered with colonial remnants and narratives. How can its history and current culture be rethought?
Alice Pfeiffer

we're experiencing a heatwave, so why aren’t we talking about climate change?

At this point, the weather is starting to feel a little bit sinister.
Roisin Lanigan

period poverty hurts women for the rest of their lives

“We have heard stories of women using the insoles of their shoes to prevent bleeding, twigs with cloth wrapped around them - and the use of tissue is a favourite with school girls.”
Annie Lord

there’s a lot more than just homophobia in that trump-putin kissing cartoon

Why are we so fascinated with the gay sexual power dynamics of world leaders?
Sessi Kuwabara Blanchard