why are we so nostalgic about the problematic noughties?

If pop culture really did die in 2009, it was probably for the best.
Dani Ran

why is nostalgia the creative driving force in milan fashion right now?

This sense of living with the past has borne incredible creative fruits this season.
Felix Petty

30 years on, should we still care about the second summer of love?

To make way for the third summer of love, we need to leave the nostalgia behind.
Josh Baines

vhs tapes are cool again, thanks to frank ocean

Video fan Frank Ocean has made it clear: it’s time to blow the dust off your VCR.
André-Naquian Wheeler

inside insta jeanieus - fashion’s favourite follow talks us through her feed

When she’s not styling for the likes of i-D, Nylon, Topshop, Polydor, Phiney Pet and her very own Moodboard, Jeanie Annan Lewin is sharing fashion treasure, cultural trash and mindful meditations. Follow her lead and take a scroll with us...
Steve Salter
photo story

ashley armitage’s summer diary will leave you feeling nostalgic

This autumn, photographer and Girls by Girls founder Ashley Armitage is moving away from home. Before she sets off, the 23-year-old spent a final summer with the most important people in her life, documenting each moment. Here she shares her story.
Ashley Armitage

the 2000s were next level ugly which is why they should be celebrated

It’s time to honour the fugliest skirts we've ever seen.
Anne T. Donahue

the stories behind your favorite 90s music videos, from nirvana to no doubt

From Gwen Stefani’s polka-dot dress in Don’t Speak to Nirvana’s suits in In Bloom, we get the scoop on how costume designer Nancy Steiner designed a generation.
Jane Helpern

things didn’t only get better: a look back at the 90s in art

A special section of Frieze London was dedicated to the 90s this year, but why are we still so fascinated with the decade?
Ella Plevin

​#tbt: what we miss about the 90s

Feeling nostalgic about what we wore, what we watched and what we sang along to.
Tish Weinstock
Think Pieces

2014 year of…#nostalgiaddiction

As we move toward the new year, i-D looks back at the year past and dissects the trends and events that defined it. From Jean Paul Gaultier’s farewell trip down memory lane to Lifetime’s Aaliyah biopic, what did we learn in 2014 from looking back?
Emily Manning
Think Pieces

can the return of twin peaks live up to its cult status?

For a generation of people who experienced Twin Peaks second hand and discovered it well after it was first broadcast, will its return to our screens in 2016 cause it to lose its relevance?
Dan Wilkinson