Modern Art


This Cape Town artist makes tapestries that feel like fever dreams

Michaela Younge uses absurdity to paint a portrait of the humour and violence she sees in South African society.
Rolien Zonneveld

linder sterling: “revolt and rebellion has to happen some part in secret. today there’s this collective urge to share everything”

From underground artist to exhibiting her art on the underground, Linder Sterling has surpassed punk provocateur to become something of a national treasure. Ahead of her new show, we discussed a career working as a surgeon of British iconography.
Ryan White

richard prince trolls the trumps

And someone’s created a petition to get Christo to build that wall. But will Andres Serrano re-dedicate Piss Christ to the President-elect?
Felix Petty

icons of modern art exhibition opens at fondation louis vuitton this weekend

A partnership with The Pushkin Museum in Moscow and The Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg, the exhibition presents 130 works from the Shchukin Collection of French Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art.
Charlotte Gush

how the tate modern changed art in britain

It’s hard to imagine a time before Tate Modern, but at one point London was the biggest city in the world not to have a public museum dedicated to contemporary art. As the Tate’s new expansion opens to the public, we look back at how the gallery has...
Niru Ratnam

​some of the most talented names in modern art have come together for a group exhibition

Collier Schorr, Linder, Paul Lee and Torey Thornton are amongst the 27 artists exhibiting as part of Theories of Modern Art.
Lula Ososki