are all millennials witches?

i-D meets the author of 'Witches: the unvanquished power of women,' and asks about the literal and metaphorical return of the sorceress to public life.
Micha Barban Dangerfield

tom galle turns everyday procrastinations into meme art

Nike logo knives and flip flops made from iPhone packaging: welcome to the digital world of Tom Galle.
Juule Kay
Think Pieces

what does changing social media use reveal about the shifting anxieties of gen z?

Does migration to self-deleting media and trigger-happy liking mean that Gen Z are less anxious than millennials?
Brian O'Flynn
Think Pieces

the grim fascination with ‘money diaries’

They say as much about society as they do about the participants.
Jake Hall

netflix is now officially more popular than tv

Soz Love Island.
Roisin Lanigan
Think Pieces

we’re millennials 2.0 and we’re coming to get you — lauren stocks on generation change

Teenager Lauren Stocks blew our minds with her speech at the Labour party conference last year. Voice trembling with emotion, she spoke out for every “spaced-out, stressed-out, depressed kid in a battlefield where they can’t afford pens and paper."
Lauren Stocks

a list of ideas better than virgin trains' millennial avocado stunt

Virgin Trains has introduced its very own millennial railcard, the #avocard, and reaction has been, shall we say, mixed.
Matthew Whitehouse
Think Pieces

how luxury went millenial

How do you market yourself to those who grew up hardened to marketing?
Felix Petty

does anyone remember what it was like to be bored?

As a kid, being painstakingly bored was a common predicament. Yet as the internet becomes more ubiquitous, we’ve been reprogrammed to absorb information 24/7. What are we missing out on when our attention spans last only until the next notification...
Felicity Kinsella