mexico city


Skaters, Mexico City and the photographer who followed them there

New York photographer Grace Ahlbom’s new zine is an ode to skateboarding, adolescence and killing time in a strange new city.
Douglas Greenwood

This is what Barbara Sánchez-Kane is doing during quarantine

The innovative designer tells i-D about making the 'Mexican uniform' camp, her art practice, anxiety and her alter ego SOLRAC.
Alyza Enriquez

sauna is the mexican t-shirt label with a sense of humour

Their 'mildly wild' graphics take inspiration from bootlegging culture.
Jack Sunnucks

sophie and tzef montana talk about the power of love

The couple shared their story while visiting Mexico City during Pride.
Cheryl Santos
straight ups

the kids of mexico city, straight up

Amy Troost takes to the streets of Mexico City, to meet a generation of young Mexicans looking to change the world.
i-D Staff

riding the subway in mexico city with gypsy sport

Designer Rio Uribe gets back to his roots and celebrates the creativity of young Mexico.
i-D Mexico

a look at the colours and styles of mexico city’s bootleg fashion markets

Fashion piracy in Mexico isn’t about exact copies, but about turning the aspirational longing associated with certain brands to needs to local consumers.
Cheryl Santos

matt lambert explores mexico city in search of modern love

Seeking to honestly portray sex and relationships in the digital age, Matt Lambert’s lens breaks down barriers, and invites any and every subject to help tell the story of love today.
Cheryl Santos

strolling through downtown mexico city with artist and social media star yung jake

Part-rapper, part-visual artist, Yung Jake is a distinctly 21st century individual, in both his work and delivery. He creates an aesthetic that only makes sense within the context of social media.
i-D Team
straight ups

zaira najera

The straight up was invented by Terry Jones in 1980, published in the first issues of i-D. It's a head-to-toe portrait of someone looking good in their clothes with something to say.
i-D Team

imitation hood by air is sweeping the street of mexico city

Following recent recognition in the form of an LMVH Prize and a particularly strong spring/summer 15 show this weekend, there’s no doubt that Shayne Oliver’s Hood By Air is bigger than ever and taking youth culture to luxury heights. But a strange...
Cheryl Santos

N.A.A.F.I is the party revolutionising dance music in Mexico

What started four years ago as a club night focused on putting forward new ideas in dance music in Mexico City, has grown into a whole musical community. N.A.A.F.I has become the name that guarantees a good party in the D.F., as well as a record label...
Monse Castera