Meredith Graves

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meredith graves on getting sober, shaving her head, and moving on

How the Perfect Pussy front woman came to stop drinking and dyeing her nights away.
Meredith Graves

meredith graves writes a letter to her younger self

​To celebrate 25 years of BE WHO YOU ARE, i-D is collaborating with Bobbi Brown to bring you six women's letters of advice to their younger selves. Here, Meredith of Perfect Pussy reflects on blind bathroom haircuts and meeting Beyoncé.
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watch a livestream of ​kathleen hanna and perfect pussy’s meredith graves in coversation

Girls To The Front! The two punk frontwomen go head to head for the Talkhouse Music Podcast, which will stream on Facebook Live this morning.
Charlotte Gush

lindsay powell makes triumphant pop music to cry to in your bedroom

Artist and producer Lindsay Powell on how her 'pop star' alter-egos, Fielded and Tapioca, have changed her outlook on the music industry.
Meredith Graves

9 women sound off on feminism and reproductive health

With a female president on the horizon, Planned Parenthood's existence in peril, and trans awareness at an apex, feminism and reproductive health are more vital issues than ever. Here, American women as different as Hari Nef, Margaret Cho, Tamika...
Sarah Sophie Flicker

35 feminist icons that changed the game

From early crusaders like Betty Friedan to Caitlyn Jenner, we celebrate 35 of the coolest, bravest, most inspiring heroines from music, politics, film and fiction. Each has made a huge impact for women with their words, writings, and action.
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how jessica hopper became the ultimate female rock critic

Meredith Graves of Perfect Pussy speaks to legendary music writer and Pitchfork Review EIC Jessica Hopper about her new book, and kicking ass in a male-driven industry.
Meredith Graves

the d.i.y. empire of meredith graves

Perfect Pussy’s vocalist takes a punk approach to performing, writing and shaping the music scene.
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5 things to do in ny this week: from patti smith to perfect pussy

Here are our top five picks of what you need to see, hear and do in NYC this week.
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dvs talks weird rap

NYC-based rapper and self-proclaimed mutant DVS talks about his upcoming mixtape, 'DVTV,' and the line between innovation and assholery.
Meredith Graves