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tao lin wants to take you on a trip

Tao Lin’s novel Taipei was the defining chronicle of nihilstic youth in the 2010s. After a five year gap his new book, Trip, is an exploration of psychedelic drugs, their benefits and his quest to feel less depressed.
Felix Petty
2 days ago

this publication hopes to end the stigma around men’s mental health

'HIM + HIS' is an anthology of visual and written contributions exploring the strengths and weaknesses of men and mental health.
Steve Salter

the new yayoi kusama documentary will explore mental health in japanese culture

'Kusama -- Infinity' will uncover how Yayoi overcame the trauma of growing up in Japan during World War II to become one of the biggest selling and most popular artists in the world.
Georgie Wright
Think Pieces

why this tweet about mental health services went viral

Going to A&E in the midst of a mental health crisis, writer Emily Reynolds was turned away with nothing more than a pamphlet. When she tweeted about the absurdly inadequate treatment, the response from others about similar experiences was overwhelming.
Emily Reynolds

meet helena howard, breakout star of 'madeline's madeline'

As a disturbed teenage actor in 'Madeline's Madeline,' Helena Howard gives one of the most haunting performances of the year. But she has no desire to do Hollywood blockbusters.
Hannah Ongley

even instagram knows it's bad for your mental health

Instagram and Facebook are rolling out tracking tools to tell you how much time you've wasted online.
Hannah Ongley
Think Pieces

what is the stress of the gig economy doing to our mental health?

And what we can do to protect ourselves.
Roisin Lanigan

how to look after your mental health in the summer

Summer doesn't have to be cruel.
Bethany Rose Lamont

unsurprisingly, theresa may’s funding boost for the nhs is nowhere near enough

Is it really that hard?
Annie Lord

what it’s like forging a music career when you’re bipolar

New Zealand’s Matthew Young is the latest in a increasing number of musicians opening up about mental health.
Georgie Wright
Think Pieces

is pop music getting sadder?

A new study says that pop music is getting sadder. What's sparking this growing appetite for melancholia?
Alim Kheraj
love week

how do you handle dating with mental illness?

When you have to deal with things like anxiety and depression, dating gets another layer of complication. There is good news though: the vast majority of people are willing to accept and learn about mental illness.
Emily Reynolds