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how new doc ‘minding the gap’ addresses mental health in skating

The film’s director, Bing Liu, discusses anxiety in skate culture and breaking through the stigma and silence
Oliver Lunn
2 days ago

the complex relationship between fashion and self harm

Self-harm imagery has always existed in dark parts of the internet, romanticised and stigmatised in equal measure. Now, fashion could be providing the platform for the issue to get the discussion it deserves.
Sophie Wilson
3 days ago

on its 30th birthday, the internet’s creator says it’s not necessarily good for humanity

Happy birthday babe! Looking fab!! xx
Roisin Lanigan

a new study finds shrooms boost creativity for up to a week

The magical fungus is considered the "safest drug" and can also improve empathy.
Nicole DeMarco

why aren't more people talking about netflix's razor-sharp sitcom 'one day at a time'?

The Netflix reboot of 70s comedy 'One Day at a Time' is quite possibly the best (and most important) show on screens right now.
Yusuf Tamanna
In collaboration with Maison Margiela

drag artist and model sgàire wood feels powerful as fuck

The Glasgow-based performer talks mental health and reclaiming her own narrative as a trans woman in fashion.
Douglas Greenwood

what's your side-hustle really costing you?

9 to 5 isn’t enough anymore: it’s 9 to 5 to midnight now. Anything less, and we start to feel an insidious sense of guilt.
Emily Reynolds

the government has been discussing banning instagram

The Health Secretary said social media sites that fail to remove harmful material relating to self-harm and suicide could face serious sanctions.
Roisin Lanigan
Think Pieces

how to look after your mental health on blue monday (and the rest of the year)

Winter doesn’t have to be cruel.
Roisin Lanigan
Think Pieces

why dry january won't solve our problem with binge drinking

Now the festivities are over the #newyearnewme bandwagon is here with over 4 million of us committing to a sober January. But what good does it do when we get back on the booze, making up for lost time as soon as it ends?
Lily Rose Thomas
Think Pieces

is the government finally ready to give youth mental health the attention it needs?

Last week the NHS Long Term plan was announced, promising to give more money and resources to childhood and youth mental health. But is it a step in the right direction or just too little too late?
Emily Reynolds

excessive social media use is like drug addiction, says new study

Scrolling through Instagram for hours could have a worse effect on your brain than you might think.
Roisin Lanigan