Male Gaze

Questioning the male gaze through art, culture and photography


A new generation of women filmmakers are finally showing female sexuality right on screen

While 'Jumbo' and 'Never Rarely Sometimes Always' might first seem worlds apart, both films are committed to showing sexuality outside the prism of the male gaze.
Katie Goh

How a new generation of artists is exploring female sexuality

Natalie Krim, Nikki Peck, and Sarah Whalen on the complexities of using social media to reclaim erotic art from the male gaze.
Emma Russell

the power of women designing for women

With luxury resale sites reporting rising demand for Phoebe Philo-era Céline, Susie Lau reflects on the importance of female fashion design.
Susie Lau

19 photographers making fashion's gaze more representative

After Beyoncé helped Tyler Mitchell become the first black photographer to shoot a Vogue US cover in its 126-year history, we celebrate a new generation of POC and LGBTQI image-makers changing culture right now.
Steve Salter

grrrl gang manila is causing a feminist riot in the philippines

In a country where abortion is still illegal, the radical collective is fighting for tangible change — and screaming punk songs in Girl Scout uniforms.
Alexandra Weiss

the female-directed horror so terrifying paramedics were called to the screening

Watch the trailer for the bloody thriller flipping the male gaze on its head. Just don’t do it on your own.
Matthew Whitehouse

lara croft: feminist hero or just another male fantasy?

Tracing the history of the most famous female computer game character, and figuring out her place in the world (real and virtual) today.
Matthew Whitehouse

this photographer is redefining the male gaze for today’s post-binary world

Frustrated by tired tropes and industry obsessions, London-based photographer Joseph Barrett focused his lens on the men around him. The result is a series of portraits that explores post-modern masculinity.
Steve Salter

what is the relevance of the male and female gaze in a world where gender is fluid

Currently working on a new photo book, we talk to the trailblazing artist about divas, diversity and deconstructing societal norms.
Tish Weinstock