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Get nostalgic with Ana Takahashi's 90s-inspired beauty looks

Discover the London-based makeup artist's irreverent approach to character creation -- glitter tattoos, skinny brows and all.
Saki yamada

the make up artists fighting back against india's skin bleaching industry

Light skin and the products used to achieve it have long been ingrained within South Asian culture, but a new generation are finally rejecting colourism.
Tom George
beauty week 2018

this is how the beauty industry has evolved over time

From the advent of social media to sheer size of productions, we ask some of the industry’s most renowned make-up artists their thoughts on how the industry’s changed, and what’s important to remember moving forwards
Bojana Kozarevic

goths, glitter, glow: five makeup artists you'll actually be inspired by

Wanna try something a little more editorial? Tired of attempting to get the wings of you eyeliner even but never-ever getting them to match exactly? Us too. Instead of looking through a big glossy, scroll through these Instagram accounts for unique...
i-D Staff
Isabelle Hellyer

5 next-generation makeup artists on making it in beauty

Dreaming up looks for fashion's buzziest brands and painting pop culture's freshest faces, these five artists represent the makeup industry’s new guard.
Blair Cannon

is snapchat stealing its filter graphics from makeup artists?

Several makeup artists are claiming that Snapchat has copied their designs, without giving them any credit.
Annie Armstrong