liya kebede


let fumiko imano give you (and liya kebede) a tour of the unesco building in paris

As she stars in her second Loewe campaign, we caught up with artist Fumiko Imano.
Felix Petty
The Radical Issue

liya kebede speaks out about fighting world poverty

“Growing up in Ethiopia you’re surrounded by poverty, you see a lot of the challenges that people face. You grow up wanting to do something.”
i-D Staff

liya on liya: an anti-interview with supermodel and activist liya kebede

Presented by Kenneth Cole

the icons: jamie bochert, liya kebede, karmen pedaru, and vivien solari

With decades of experience in front of the camera, we celebrate the icons of the industry whose looks, personalities, poses, and attitudes have defined an era of fashion. Here, they share their experiences and advice for the next generation.
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Think Pieces

how three decades of i-D covers sound off on womanhood

Happy international women's day!
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​viviane sassen shoots liya kebede in ethiopia for 3.1 phillip lim

The model, actor and maternal health advocate visits her family for the low-key but colourful campaign.
Charlotte Gush

top 5 designer/model bffs

In honor of Freja Beha Erichsen and Liya Kebede's joint appearance at Louis Vuitton, we list the faithful designer-model friendships that make us weak at the knees.
Felicity Kinsella

the a-z of wink!

Featuring a galaxy of 26 stellar supermodels such as Cara, Joan, Lindsey, Natalia, Xiao - alongside cheeky cameos from the likes of J.W. and Rick - Jérémie Rozan and Charlotte Stockdale’s film continues our fashion alphabets series by bringing our...
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supermodel beauty tips to motivate your flagging new year's resolutions

Yesterday was Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year. We're based on the top floor of our building and when we looked up from our glowing computer screens, everything around us was blue. But don't worry, because now that's over, 2014 can only...
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