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Meet the young creatives of Kosovo

Six inspiring artists tell us about their everyday lives, their hopes for the future and why it's so difficult to pursue the arts in Kosovo.
Donat Vatoci
Klara Gordon

This coming of age novel explores what it means to be queer in Poland

'Swimming in the Dark' is a sun-soaked love story that rivals 'Call Me By Your Name' and contextualises the struggle for LGBTQ+ rights.
Dane Harrison

lgbtq workers are suffering from a ‘hidden epidemic’ of sexual harassment

A new study found that despite huge amounts of harassment in the workplace, most incidents are still going unreported.
Moya Lothian-McLean

most lgbtq people experience anxiety and depression, a study finds

One in eight have attempted suicide.
Nicole DeMarco

4 activists react to trump's attack on transgender rights

A leaked memo threatens to change the legal definition of sex to that which is on your birth certificate. However, these trans models, musicians, activists, artists, and their stories #WontBeErased.
Nicole DeMarco

why 'america’s next top model' is more than just a reality show about modeling

For fifteen years, Tyra has inspired people to follow their dream — whether that dream was to be a model or not.
Amelia Abraham
Think Pieces

hunter schafer on why she's fighting for much more than bathrooms

On March 30 2017, North Carolina nominally repealed HB2, the state's so-called 'bathroom bill.' But the compromising conditions of the deal still leave the transgender community vulnerable to discrimination.
Hunter Schafer

grimes, sia, and britney spears sign letter in support of texas's lgbtq community

The creative community is watching Texas closely, as the state considers three pieces of legislation targeting the rights of LGBTQ people. Gloria Steinem, St Vincent, and Carrie Brownstein have also signed the letter, written by Jack Antonoff to...
Hannah Ongley

the complete post-march action guide

A 10-point plan for staying engaged and optimistic in the year ahead.
Erica Euse
Think Pieces

what trump can't erase: the courage, the activism, the noise

Let’s make this a day to commemorate the strides our LGBTQ community has made during the Obama administration, and to plan a path forward.
Daniel Reynolds

8 activists using social media to fight for irl change

Whether they’re championing Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ rights, or intersectional feminism, these young voices are proving that social media activism does not equal clicktavism.
Blair Cannon

li tingting on life as a radical lesbian feminist activist in china

Finally free to travel after her 37-day imprisonment for 'provoking trouble' last year, China's most famous feminist touched down in New York last week.
Alice Newell-Hanson