Leonardo DiCaprio


what will it take for amy adams to win an oscar?

In 2019, Amy Adams has acquired the same meme-friendly underdog momentum as pre-Oscar Leo.
Philippa Snow

leo dicaprio has had to surrender an oscar to the feds

It’s part of an Hollywood dirty money probe being carried out by the US government that involves a Malaysian government fund and The Wolf of Wall Street production company.
Charlotte Gush

20 years on, why do we have such a love-hate relationship with titanic?

The ultimate love story? The worst best picture ever? And what about Drake’s newfound love for Celine Dion? Or Vetements Jack and Rose sweaters? And Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls memes? We unpack the lasting cultural power of the James Cameron...
Douglas Greenwood

the ivory game: bringing the elephant poaching crisis to the world's stage

Executive-produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, The Ivory Game is the new Netflix film exposing the horrors of elephant poaching and ivory trafficking. We met its directors to discuss the importance of the issue.
Sam Fragoso

leonardo dicaprio’s powerful climate change documentary is available online now

Before the Flood is the actor’s attempt to inspire action to save our environment.
Felix Petty

i think, therefore i gram; here are february's best instas

Forget “rich kids of London”, from Cara’s Leo themed selfies to Adele’s indecent proposal, here are some of February’s finest. Spoiler: there’s a strong Leo vibe…
Tish Weinstock

how celebrity is changing the art world

From Leonardo DiCaprio to Pierce Brosnan, a new breed of celebrity collectors are using social media to change the way collecting art works.
Philippa Snow