snatched wigs, skinny legends and death: why is stan language so weird?

A thorough linguistic investigation into why Himothée superfans keep blowing up our DMs talking about how they’re DEAD.
Roisin Lanigan

decoding the language of 'love island'

I would lay it on Megan factor 50 thick.
Annie Lord

how starchild's scorching gospel enchanted solange and dev hynes

Bryndon Cook's highly anticipated debut album, 'Language,' could not have arrived at a better time.
Alexandra Weiss

is lol dead?

A new study analyzing how we digitally express laughter spells bad news for an abbreviation once cherished by seventh graders everywhere.
Emily Manning

why it's easier to express our emotions in emojis

It only takes a single glance at our screens to see that language has shape-shifted from the written word to shiny happy emojis, but what does this say about us?
Billie Brand

38 new emoji including avocado, bacon and pregnant woman are on the way

Emoji (apparently the UK's fastest growing language) is adding 38 new characters including food, animals and gender counterparts to existing ones, to our ever-expanding library.
Felicity Kinsella
Think Pieces

say what? how the internet is affecting the slang we use

For The Alphabetical Issue, 2013, Sam Wolfson investigates how emergent terms imbed themselves within the common verbiage...
Sam Wolfson
Think Pieces

are we ruining the english language or are we the new hashtag shakespeares?

No longer limited to geeks, nerds, and pervs, social media - that’s Twitter, Tinder, Tumblr, Skype, Instagram, Facebook, Bebo (ew), Snapchat (lol), Myspace, Yourspace, Pleasegivemesomespace - and its lexicon are #takingovertheworld.
Tish Weinstock
Adam Fletcher
Think Pieces

alphabet soup, an a-z of all our favourite words

From The Alphabetical Issue, i-D's 26 favourite words and phrases from 2013, from Awk to Ziam, see how things have changed in the last year by watching the A-Z Slang.
Milly McMahon
Adam Fletcher

model mother tongue: Nastya Sten

Good morning class, please turn to chapters 3 & 4: An Introduction to Russian. In this episode of Model Mother Tongue, elfin beauty and self-confessed bookworm Nastya Sten gives us a lesson in Russian elocution, directed by Daniel Brereton and styled...
i-D Team