How Labour is winning the merch war this election

With the likes of Liam Hodges and Slowthai releasing pro-Labour hoodies, sweatshirts and tees, wearing your political heart on your sleeve has never looked cooler.
James Greig

Youth activists sound off on Labour's Green New Deal

Why the UK needs swift, decisive action on the climate crisis.
Sophie Wilkinson

Meet 'Britain's AOC', the young Muslim woman trying to unseat Iain Duncan Smith

Faiza Shaheen, prospective Labour MP for Chingford and Woodford Green, is busy triggering racists, fighting austerity and sticking it to her millionaire, out-of-towner opponent.
Louis Staples
Think Pieces

we’re millennials 2.0 and we’re coming to get you — lauren stocks on generation change

Teenager Lauren Stocks blew our minds with her speech at the Labour party conference last year. Voice trembling with emotion, she spoke out for every “spaced-out, stressed-out, depressed kid in a battlefield where they can’t afford pens and paper".
Lauren Stocks
be good, be kind, be 2018

16-year-old lauren stocks is fighting for spaced-out, stressed-out kids in 2018

Fighting the corner of every stressed-out kid in the land, Lauren Stocks is proving that happiness is not measured in exam results, but by being good, kind and 2018.
i-D Staff

how the 2010 student protests in the uk shaped the rise of jeremy corbyn

For a generation of young activists, politics began in 2010.
Edward Siddons

there was a tinder election bot fanning the fire of the youth vote

How do you crack the walls of the echo chamber? We spoke to two activists who used the power of Tinder to swing the youth vote in key seats at the general election.
Tom Rasmussen

“let’s not lose momentum” -- rapper akala looks to the future on election day

Akala just did a Facebook Live from the polling booth and it was brilliant.
Hattie Collins

many luxury brands trail the high street when it comes to combating labour abuses

A new report ranking brands on their work to eradicate forced labor has offered some surprising results.
Wendy Syfret

"if you're not a socialist at 20 you've got no heart"

It is our birth right to be discontented, don't tell us the world is lemon scented. Youth politics has taken a battering. This was supposed to be the time of our lives, so how and why did we end up here? And where do we go now?
Felix Petty