LA Art Book Fair


​richard kern’s sexy, provocative and poetic polaroids

The photographer talks to i-D about shooting beautiful landscapes, pregnant dominatrixes and a man with his head in toilet as he releases a new book that collects his Polaroid works together for the first time.
Nadja Sayej

7 things not to miss at the l.a. art book fair

Printed Matter’s annual Art Book Fair returns to Southern California this week, and its programming is packed with extra special West Coast sunshine. We’ve rounded up a selection of highlights from the epic lineup. Where else can you get a tattoo...
Emily Manning

the zine exploring obsessions with celebrity death and misadventure

Spiral into an internet hole with gallery director and writer Alissa Bennett, as she explores a taboo preoccupation with morbid tales of the famous.
Clementine de Pressigny

​ficition and the near dystopian future

As it launches today at LA Art Book Fair, we delve into the world of Sarah Harrison’s new novella All The Things.
Megan Nolan

five things you can’t miss at the la art book fair

From hardcore punk to Harmony Korine and all the zines in between, here’s your guide to getting literary in LA this weekend.
Emily Manning

5 things not to miss at the la art book fair

The best zines, eats, and performances at Printed Matter's mega fair this weekend
Jennifer Piejko

​stop by the all girl fashion photography stall at the la art book fair

Four members of Petra Collins’ all girl art collective The Ardorous alongside three other fellow female fashion photographers are hosting Girlfriends, their stall at the LA Art Book Fair.
Felicity Kinsella