julian klincewicz


watch a bunch of skaters jump over vintage luggage in this short film

We sat down with director Julian Klincewicz to find out his inspirations for the collaboration with RIMOWA.
Roisin Lanigan

elizabeth hilfiger's radical streetwear brand makes tattooed t-shirts

Elizabeth Hilfiger’s fashion and art label is cut from a more experimental cloth than her father’s preppy empire, but she’s still learned some lessons from Tommy.
Sarah Gooding

julian klincewicz’s calvin klein art films capture dreamy youth around the world

The filmmaker transports us to the hometowns of the label's new young muses.
Wendy Syfret

bianca chandôn’s new collection is an ode to l.a.'s 70s dance clubs

Alex Olson’s company has teamed up with Union Los Angeles for a series of shirts inspired by inclusive dance clubs. A portion of proceeds will benefit The Trevor Project, a vital resource for young queer people.
Emily Manning

coco gordon moore and mademe's erin magee on reviving x-girl's roots

As we present the premiere of MadeMe and X-girl's collaboration video — directed by Ricky Saiz and Julian Klincewicz — we catch up with its star, Coco Gordon Moore, and MadeMe's founder Erin Magee to learn more about bringing the by-girls-for-girls...
Emily Manning

meet the 20-year-old artist capturing yeezy, gosha, and eckhaus on vhs

Julian Klincewicz explains how a gift from his grandma's attic led him to document some of fashion's favorite faces.
Blair Cannon