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jillian mercado on the life-changing power of makeovers

The model-activist talks red lipstick, Latinx identity, and why the NYC subway is her moving moodboard.
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fashion is finally paying attention to differently-abled bodies

A revolutionary wave of actually-interesting designs addressing the needs of all people.
Jane Helpern

​jillian mercado stars in beyoncé’s new campaign

The model, disability activist, and all round i-D fave models Queen Bey’s latest merch.
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pioneering model jillian mercado joins img

Earlier this week, IMG President Ivan Bart confirmed 28-year-old model, blogger, and disability activist Jillian Mercado's signing to the international powerhouse, telling the Wall Street Journal "She’s Latina, she’s fierce, and nothing gets her down...
Tish Weinstock

meet the kids who are redefining beauty for the next generation

From birthmarks to body hair, thanks to the leaders of Generation Z, anything can be beautiful.
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i-D's top inspirational quotes of 2014

​From musings on what it’s like to be young, old, male, or female today to forecasting the future of fashion, challenging conventions of beauty and unpicking the very meaning of love, this year has seen i-D question the old and embrace the new with...
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jillian mercado's beauty manifesto

Jillian Mercado, fashion blogger, editor and model has been breaking boundaries and redefining norms since she first appeared on the scene.
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straight ups

jillian mercado, eileen doñiego de france, willie greene

The straight up was invented by Terry Jones in 1980, published in the first issues of i-D. It's a head-to-toe portrait of someone looking good in their clothes with something to say.
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