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James Corbin: "Being a young Black man is beautiful!"

Plus-sized model, activist, influencer and YouTube personality, James discusses the power of having your voice heard and your talent appreciated.
James Corbin
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Sakeema Peng Crook: "I am a physical representation of questioning all that we know"

The London-based dancer, artist, model and trans activist on questioning and self-love.
Sakeema Peng Crook
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Jen Reid: "To make reality from hope will require unity and perseverance"

A statue of the activist was erected on the plinth Edward Colston once stood upon in Bristol.
Jen Reid
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Rutare Savage: "Amplify the voices of the oppressed no matter what their version of love looks like"

Rutare Savage spent the summer of 2020 driving across London in a van dubbed the History Machine — delivering bi-weekly food shops to vulnerable during lockdown and went on to help amplify the waves being made at marches.
Rutare Savage
The Faith in Chaos Issue

Photographing London the day before lockdown

Jermaine Francis was there to capture the moment everything changed.
i-D Staff

these photos capture the magnitude of britain's homelessness epidemic

Photographer Jermaine Francis documents the tents which have become ubiquitous across the UK's urban landscapes, symbols of a system failing its most vulnerable citizens.
Jermaine Francis

this exhibition is shining a light on the uk’s homelessness epidemic

Photographer Jermaine Francis presents ‘The Invisibles’, a powerful selection of photos of the tents serving a temporary homeless shelters across British cities shot originally for i-D.
Roisin Lanigan