imaan hammam

The Out Of The Blue Issue

Imaan Hammam: "Fame changes people and I don't want to change"

The supermodel tells us her Uber rating, the meaning of life and the most glam she's ever felt.
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Imaan Hammam
: "Everything Rihanna touches turns to gold"

For i-D's special Rihannazine issue, the model talks success and paying it forward.
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chasing suburban dreams with luna b and imaan hammam

Shot by Oliver Hadlee Pearch and styled by Julia Sarr-Jamois, suburbia never looked so fashion.
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we only come out at night, the days are much too bright

As the sun sets and the world comes to life, we bring together five bright young stars against a backdrop of darkness. Follow Daniel Jackson's lens into the nighttime, for the greatest luxury in life is experience.
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​malaika firth, imaan hammam, marga esquivel and more for topshop denim

The new supers are back.
Charlotte Gush

isabel marant provides sartorial solutions for everyday situations

Isabel Marant has built a reputation as the go to designer for laidback Parisienne chic, as appealing to the Kardashians as to the art crowd in Le Marais.
Alice Pfeiffer

imaan hammam believes the future is full of colour

What were you doing when you were 18? Imaan Hammam was busy being a Victoria's Secret Angel, a Vogue cover star and the face of Givenchy... We find out what makes her tick.
i-D Team
Felicity Kinsella

i-D's top 10 new faces of 2014

From the new alien beauties to the blonde bombshells, each season throws out a fresh new batch of faces to learn the names by heart to. 2014 saw breakouts in the form of supermodel little sisters, a Victoria's Secret Angel and an all-American Adonis...
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