what it's like to be a boxer when you're young, female and muslim

Short film 'Solibet' sees 16-year-old schoolgirl and boxer Rahma define her own identity.
Julie Fenwick
Think Pieces

the importance of depicting “tucking” on screen for trans women

As the 2018 summer heat flares to record highs across the globe, the pressure to "tuck" explodes. For the first time, this simple act played out sensitively on screen in 'Pose'.
Sessi Kuwabara Blanchard
Beauty Week

how instagram is redefining our understanding of beauty

From model Jazzelle Zanaughtti to trans activist Munroe Bergdorf, photographer Peter de Vito to designer Matty Bovan, we asked our i-D family how 'Instagram beauty' is shaping the cultural conversation today.
Tish Weinstock

this duo are exploring what it means to be mixed race in 21st century scotland

Challenging the everyday ignorance faced as mixed race women working within the Glasgow art world, Sisters Collective are slowly but surely chipping away at the idea of what an “art scene” actually looks like.
Francisco Garcia

drop anchor as wales bonner explores race, culture and connections

The 2016 LVMH prize winner might just be the show of the season.
Steve Salter

tei shi is culturally confusing. this new doc details the singer’s identity

Watch here.
Frankie Dunn
don't touch my hair

solange tells magazine “don’t touch my hair” after they edit out her braids

An accompanying profile that quotes Solange on the meaning of braided hair for black women has now been publicly disowned by the interviewer.
Charlotte Gush

5 african-german women on natural hair and cultural appropriation

What does hair have to do with self-acceptance? What needs to change to stop the pressure for women to have straight hair? We head to Berlin to talk confidence and cornrows in the German capital.
i-D Staff

this artist shaved her head to get back to her roots

Diana Chire’s body is her canvas — not knowing her hair in its natural state left her feeling like cheat. So she turned it into art.
Clementine de Pressigny

the editors of cause & effect magazine discuss creating their powerful queer manifesto

A space to fight the bleak, oppressive nature of mainstream culture.
Amelia Abraham

brazilian girls speak out on identity and sexual politics

"If a girl wants to flaunt her ass, she’s entitled to. She’s also entitled not to do just that. If she wants to flaunt her ass and only her ass, that’s also entirely up to her."
Lily Rose Thomas

in 2016, it's not about where you're from, it's where you're local

Today so many of us come from all over the world, and live in numerous locations during our lifetimes, rightly calling each one of them home. If we limit people to only being from the place they were born, are we denying them their true identities...
Dean Kissick