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young parisians reflect on the notre-dame fire

"400 million in donations to rebuild it — where’s it coming from?! Are they printing new money? There are people starving — fuck, give them the money!"
Matthieu Foucher

start your week with a techno mix from paris art school dj, sene

Created with a Soviet 80s drum machine.
Antoine Mbemba

40 years of iconic 'playboy' ads reveal a lot about masculinity

With her visual essay 'Boy', French artist Sarah Vadé looks at the iconic publication through a feminist lens.
Malou Briand Rautenberg

an exclusive look at maison michel's new campaign, shot by dexter navy

We spoke to the woman behind the masterful hat label.
i-D Staff
i-D France

watch french producer myd saunter around a cruise ship fully nude

Alice Moitié films this hilarious video to celebrate the musician's new EP "All Inclusive" and its accompanying photo book.
Micha Barban Dangerfield

'korean style is about moving fast' — g-dragon discusses the sound of korea's future

i-D met the millennial Michael Jackson right after his private Chanel concert to celebrate the opening of the Mademoiselle Privé exhibition in Séoul.
Tess Lochanski

the scandalous story of jacques de bascher, karl lagerfeld’s former boyfriend

A new biography shines a spotlight on the man who seduced Saint Laurent and Lagerfeld, among many other worldly Parisians.
i-D France
Patrick Thévenin

introducing internet wave, the french punk of the future

The French internet wave music scene — think Eurodance and trap combined with high-speed broadband — is one of the most prolific in existence. Here are the artists to watch.
Marie-Lou Morin

the new faces of french rap

Sporting Air Max 97’s and grillz by French designer Dolly Cohen, rappers Prince Waly and Tengo John, rapper and producer Fiasko Proximo, and producer Ocho got together one afternoon in Montreuil, France, with Nike and i-D — singing an ode to style...
i-D France

a lesson in avant-gardism by olivier zahm

i-D France spoke to the founder of Purple magazine about his newly published book that brings together 30 years of art writing and offers new insight into the radical art scene of the 90s.
i-D France
Ingrid Kesa
Ingrid Luquet-Gad
straight ups

what does it feel like to be asked "where are you from?"

How is discrimination experienced by those who have moved to France, or whose origins may mark them out as 'other'. i-D France took to the streets to find out.
i-D France

meet paris's next generation of models

i-D France photographs its favorite new faces in the latest collections. Proud, unique, present: these bright young things transcend the clichés of a certain French femininity. This new generation of fashion is beautiful, because it is in the image of...
i-D Staff
Tess Lochanski