The late Kansai Yamamoto: “The world needs that sort of ‘power’ only I possess”

With the sad news of his passing, we look back to our interview in 2017 with the Japanese designer, in which he discussed his designs for David Bowie, Louis Vuitton and his message for a new generation.
Kazumi Asamura Hayashi

exclusive: watch grace jones shoot on set with jean-paul goude

Ahead of her documentary "Bloodlight and Bami" coming out, i-D previews a clip of the iconic duo in action.
Charlotte Gush

japanese music legend ryuichi sakamoto on why the perfect album can't exist

A conversation with the Japanese musical legend as he appears at the Park Avenue Armory and readies his latest release, 'Async'.
Georgia Graham

i-Cons: tim walker

In the latest issue of i-D, we take the rare opportunity to sit down with elusive fashion icon Tim Walker. Since 1995, Tim's photography has helped to shape and re-imagine culture while taking fashion to its most fantastical extreme. His work...
i-D Staff

i-Cons: jeremy scott

At a time when the crossover between fashion and celebrity is ever more apparent, one name has emerged to become popular culture’s go-to designer. With the industry undergoing its biggest shake-up in decades, we have exclusive access to Moschino’s...
i-D Staff

i-Cons: vivienne westwood

Over the course five decades, the girl born Vivienne Isabel Swire has gone from punk-provocateur to Britain's best loved fashion designer. Raised in the D.I.Y. climate of post-war Derbyshire, it was in 1970s London that she opened the Kings Road...
i-D Staff

i-Cons: calvin klein

In a nation marked by change, one name emerged to become a constant figure in American fashion for over four decades. From the sexual energy of his Studio 54 days to his iconic campaigns with Richard Avedon, Bruce Weber and, of course, Kate Moss, this...
i-D Staff