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So you want to direct porn?

Throughout quarantine, adult entertainment has emerged as one of the world’s most resilient trades — here's how to make it in the industry.
Beatrice Hazlehurst

How to deal with self-isolation as an introvert

The promise of spending weeks inside isn’t so cute if you have to share your space with umpteen others. Here’s a guide to avoiding loneliness and overexposure.
Douglas Greenwood

wah's guide to classy christmas nails

Feeling festive this season but bored of your throw back 80s Xmas jumper? Then look no further! Give your nails a yuletide twist with WAH's guide to classy Christmas nails, from founder Sharmadean Reid.
i-D Team

isamaya ffrench's how to: i spy a galactic eye!

Using dazzling silvers and dreamy whites, I'll show you how to get ready for that day when we all have to move to Mars. Smudging is key to this look, so don't be afraid to ditch the brush and use one of your 11 fingers instead (assuming some kind of...
i-D Team

being parisian with caroline de maigret

Parisian women have perfect hair, perfect skin, perfect clothes, perfect lives and perfect taste in everything. Or so we thought, here to dispel these myths and more is French supermodel and music producer Caroline De Maigret and her three best friends...
Tish Weinstock
Adam Fletcher

the a-z of pronunciation

Our playful take on pronunciation teaches you how to speak your international fashion alphabet, from Azzedine Alaïa (AH'ZE'DEEN AH'LAI'AH) in Paris to Zegna (ZEN'YA) in Milan. This is how top supermodels say these things, so look, listen and learn...
i-D Team