Heather Glazzard


Photographing Bender Defenders, a self-defence class for queer people

Meeting once a week in east London, these classes provide a safe space for LGBT+ people to learn boxing free from prejudice.
Pol Allingham

Trans art is essential: 5 trans+ artists who refuse to be made invisible

“It is essential for the next generation of trans+ kids that we carve out as many routes through the world as possible.”
Radam Ridwan

The photography zine capturing the joy of pre-pandemic queer nightlife

Photographer Heather Glazzard's 'The World Before Sanitiser' is an ode to feelings of liberation and community that Zoom parties will never replace.
Kelly Lim

Trans+, nonbinary and gender nonconforming Londoners, in their own words

In response to a lack of sensitive engagement with gender in British media right now, photographer Heather Glazzard and Isobel Van Dyke created this series of meaningful stories instead.
Isobel Van Dyke

The artist shooting their queer friends in quarantine over FaceTime

After coronavirus shut down an IRL shoot they were working on, Heather Glazzard decided to shoot intimate portraits of their friends from the comfort of their own home instead.
Roisin Lanigan

See portraits of Kim Jones and Matty Bovan at CSM’s latest exhibition

We caught up with the photographers, curators and tutors behind the show to hear what makes the school’s storied fashion department tick.
Chekii Harling

Sequins, selfies and Shea Couleé: colourful images from Drag Con UK

Photographer Heather Glazzard gets up close and personal with the crowds, while Drag Race Season 9 star Shea takes some time out from the madness to catch up with i-D.
i-D Staff

These photos reveal the intimate space of a queer creative relationship

Porridge XXX, an immersive exhibition from photographers and couple Heather Glazzard and Nora Nord, uses self-portraits to explore power and agency in the representation of queer relationships.
Kelly Lim