harry carr


harry carr's year in photos

Wales, Greece, Edie Campbell, Adrian Joffe. This is 12 months in the life of photographer Harry Carr.
Ryan White
i-D Staff

an a-z guide to prettymuch, the boy band of your teen dreams

This generation has been crying out for an all-singing, all-dancing boy band and PRETTYMUCH is here to answer our prayers.
Frankie Dunn

the loverboys and girls illuminating charles jeffrey's world

Dust off your dancing shoes, and get ready for the party of a lifetime. We hit the dance floor at Charles Jeffrey’s LOVERBOY and meet the freaks and geeks, artists, writers, and musicians illuminating his world.
VICE Staff

the new york club kids keeping that fire burning

New York isn’t called the city that never sleeps for nothing. Meet the new gen kids, queers and queens keeping the dancefloor alive and the city kicking.
i-D Staff

creatives ❤ london

Designers, photographers, writers and models come from all over the world to make it in London. Here everyone from Marques’Almeida to Sam Rollinson reveal what it is that they love about city.
Bojana Kozarevic

chantelle winnie proves that what makes you different makes you beautiful

Chantelle Winnie is the 20 year old Canadian model with striking looks, an infectious personality, and vitiligo, the autoimmune condition that causes partial depigmentation of the skin. Uniquely in Chanetelle, this has happened in perfectly symmetrical...
Francesca Dunn

two's company, dean and dan caten discuss brotherly love

It’s been twelve years since the Canadian-born duo founded fashion label Dsquared2, although they’ve been dreaming of clothes for a lot longer. We caught up to talk twin love, true love, and why, really, blood is thicker than water.
Anders Christian Madsen
Adam Fletcher

dover street market celebrates a decade-long reign as the world’s coolest store

Meet the buyers, sales assistants and staff who keep DSM rocking!
Lynette Nylander
Adam Fletcher

thomas brodie-sangster gets knocked out by love! (and the monsters of the maze runner)

You might remember him as the lovesick tween in Love Actually but Thomas Brodie-Sangster’s on an adventure much bigger than heartbreak now as he tackles snakes and runs through labyrinths in The Maze Runner.
Felicity Kinsella
Adam Fletcher

why you've got to be more than just a model these days

Once upon a time, if you wanted to be the world’s next top model you had to be tall, thin, beautiful, have flawless skin, glossy hair, ten toes and, as any self-respecting Tyra fan will know, be able to ‘smize’ fiercely. Whatever happened, your job was...
Tish Weinstock
Adam Fletcher

pfw: alexander mcqueen spring/summer 15

From bathrobes to bondage ropes, Sarah Burton presented a collection inspired by the controlled clean and aesthetically pleasing subversive nature of Japanese culture.
Anders Christian Madsen

pfw: stella mccartney spring/summer 15

Stella McCartney’s spring/summer 15 show celebrated just that – the warmest, most welcoming months – and shifting that sunshine happy feeling onto the Stella woman.
Felicity Kinsella
Adam Fletcher