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get off your chair and do something feat. balenciaga, kraftwerk and jeremy corbyn

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Felix Petty

cass bird and caroline newell capture three major models, just hanging out

Inspired by backstage photography, Carolyn Murphy, Guinevere Van Seenus and Malgosia Bela all get in front of Cass Bird's lens, to remind us that, while you don't have to take your clothes off to have a good time, sometimes it helps.
i-D Staff

from alek wek to danielle z, these iconic supermodels defined fashion in the 90s

The autumn/winter 17 shows left us daydreaming about the supers. With Alek Wek back on the catwalk and Dries Van Noten bringing just about every big name out to celebrate 100 shows, we’re seeing a mini-renaissance of the models that made fashion in the...
i-D Staff

the icons: guievere, carmen, alek, sasha, mini and hannelore

With decades of experience in front of the camera, we celebrate the icons of the industry whose looks, personalities, poses and attitudes have defined an era of fashion. Here, they share their experiences and advice for the next generation.
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make-up artist lucia pica defines beauty as style and character

Lucia Pica is one of the fashion industry’s go to make-up artists. Her signature style champions a tough, masculine edge, inspired by strong women with personality and style.
Milly McMahon

if you were queen for a day, what would you do?

Saturday 14th June is Her Royal Majesty's Official Birthday parade, and in celebration we asked some of our favourite friends, supermodels, designers and photographers what they’d do if they were crowned Queen for the day. Happy Birthday Liz, have a...
i-D Team

supermodels need role models too

I don’t wanna be a supermodel; I wanna be a role model. Despite being 5ft9 and above, we asked some of our favourite supers about who they look up to most and what makes a person truly inspirational. Friends come and go but role models last forever.
Tish Weinstock

supermodel beauty tips to motivate your flagging new year's resolutions

Yesterday was Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year. We're based on the top floor of our building and when we looked up from our glowing computer screens, everything around us was blue. But don't worry, because now that's over, 2014 can only...
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street spirit

Luigi, Daniele + Iango's cinematic vision is inspired by the fantastical world of Fellini.
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