Gregg araki


'splendor' is gregg araki's forgotten ode to polyamory

The film is deeply radical in its own quiet way – a salute to the fun and unpredictability of sexual fluidity, alternative lifestyles, and existing on the fringes.
Adam White

the radical, queer masculinity in gregg araki's dark coming of age films

From 'Mysterious Skin' to 'The Doom Generation,' the filmmaker has continually crafted subversive male characters.
Dane Scott
Dane Harrison

this hair stylist kept his 90s cult film polaroids in a shoebox for two decades

Jason Rail created iconic looks for the young stars of 'The Doom Generation' and 'Nowhere.' 20 years later, he's posting his set life Polaroids to Instagram.
Hannah Ongley

​teenage apocalypse: gregg araki made an awesome short film for kenzo

“I mean, is it possible to be so sad that your brain actually melts?”
Charlotte Gush
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how rose mcgowan is getting more punk every day

The actress and director opens up about her new film, growing up gender fluid, and holding your own in an increasingly social online world.
Alex Catarinella

​watch the trailer for gregg araki’s kenzo campaign film

Conceived as a follow up to Araki’s 1997 hit Nowhere, Kenzo’s autumn/winter 15 campaign film is set to be full of hazy teenage angst…
Felicity Kinsella

gregg araki is directing an original film for kenzo

The New Queer Cinema pioneer follows in David Lynch’s footsteps and collaborates with the cross-cultural brand.
Emily Manning
i-D Staff

gregg araki on shailene woodley, depeche mode, and his new film white bird in a blizzard

Gregg Araki’s upcoming film, White Bird in a Blizzard, follows Kat (played by Shailene Woodley), a teenager in suburban California whose neurotic mother (Eva Green) vanishes without a trace. Ahead of its release this Friday, i-D met Gregg to talk film.
Adam Fletcher