girl power


what exactly do the spice girls stand for in 2019?

We crash their reunion tour to find out.
Brian O'Flynn

dua lipa talks spice girls and girl power

The London popstar just performed live in front of an estimated 86 million people and it made her feel like a Spice Girl. We called her for a chat.
Frankie Dunn

victoria beckham's first reebok collaboration looks to shaq and the 90s

The designer talks sneakers, sitting on Shaq's shoulders and leg selfies.
Jack Sunnucks

willow smith and tyra banks are headlining a 'lilith fair' for 2017

Girl Cult will feature performances from Chloe x Halle and Diana Gordon, as well as panels on issues like body image and female entrepreneurship.
André-Naquian Wheeler

connie constance on girl power, race and keeping it real

In collaboration with Clarks Originals, i-D shine the spotlight on the young London singer with the velvet voice; a future classic pulling at our heartstrings and making us swoon.
Francesca Dunn

how girl power made us who we are today

Sure, Girl Power commodified feminism, but the Spice Girls’ enduring message of female equality and doing what you really, really want shaped the brains of fourth-wavers for the better.
Stevie Mackenzie-Smith

10 coming of age girl power icons in pop culture

From Angela Chase to Denise Huxtable, here are the characters that helped get us through girlhood.
i-D Staff

we dissect the girl power of 90s r&b

In the month TLC’s classic track Waterfalls turns 20, it's time the ‘Girl Power’ mantle was returned to its rightful owners: the kick-ass women who emerged in the same decade as critical parts of the US R&B and hip hop scenes.
Emma Finamore
Think Pieces

is fashion ready to walk its feminist talk?

Following the rise of feminism in fashion and pop culture we're left hoping it isn't just another trend.
Wendy Syfret
Think Pieces

female friendships can be the most rewarding of our lives

As passionate as a love affair, as close as flesh and blood and as supportive as a therapist; NY photographer Petra Collins turns her lens on her nearest and dearest and their sisters, lovers and best friends to prove girls really do rule the world.
Sarah Raphael