why are gay bars being compared to gentrification?

Eastenders’s newly-announced gay bar has prompted comparisons to gentrification, but why do we assume LGBTQ venues are exclusively middle-class?
Jake Hall

this photographer is exploring cultural appropriation and the effects of gentrification

Thalia Gochez's recent series honours Latinx culture and seeks to reclaim a neighbourhood in a state of rapid change.
Sara Radin

end of an era for london’s most celebrated magazine shop

The chapter of Wardour News comes to a close for Raj Patel & Co.
Hikmat Mohammed

tbt: corinne day captures a less gentrified london to the one you know

Hop onto the Jubilee Line as we throwback on 2001, when Corinne Day and Panos Yiapanis's shot London in all its graffitied, pierced glory for The Renaissance Issue, no. 207
i-D Staff

the new documentary exposing the housing crisis

1.6 million people are waiting for council homes; the rental market is precarious – but a new documentary, Dispossession, aims to dispel the notoriety surrounding estates, and start a conversation about the culture of social housing.
Edward Siddons

this new co-living space is the dystopian symptom of a london failing young people

We snuck in for a tour of a new co-living space in Willesden Green, where for £1000 a month, you can live in a weird, comfy fantasy world. In a city where people feel priced out, isolated and directionless, Co-Living offers an antidote – a cosy...
Tom Harrad
Think Pieces

​how do we preserve one of london's most diverse areas from corporate gentrification?

Seven Sisters has quietly remained one of North East London's forgotten gems, a culturally diverse oasis dictated by community rather than corporate profit and with it, creatives have flocked. But how do we fend off its incoming gentrification?
Nellie Eden

young, creative and broke: are we working with a guilty conscience?

In 2016, being creatively inclined isn’t just a toll on your bank balance, it’s a weight on your conscience; we talk to young people across the UK about the guilt that goes with doing what you love.
Nellie Eden

why is london's nightlife trailing behind berlin's?

What good is a Night Tube if everywhere is closed, closed down, or closing down?
Oliver Lunn

a fresh perspective on the gentrification of london

Young filmmaker Shola Amoo’s new work, A Moving Image, asks questions many find too uncomfortable to ask about what is happening to Brixton in 2016.
Joseph Walsh
Think Pieces

the new wave of producers shattering london’s underground club scene

From Palmistry's skeletal dancehall to Endless club's disparate collective of underground sounds, a generation of London's DJs and producers have created an antidote to the city's homogenous, mainstream club scene.
Felix Petty

why local nyc artists are fighting ‘artwashing'

Gentrification in New York City is more complex than it looks.
Annie Armstrong