Genesis P-Orridge


the wild world of radical performance artist and industrial music pioneer cosey fanni tutti

As a member of Throbbing Gristle, Cosey created industrial music, and as an artist she pushed the boundaries of public decency with performances and sex magazine works that nearly lost the ICA its funding. As her memoir Art Sex Music is released, i-D...
Charlotte Gush

genesis p-orridge on thee temple ov psychick youth

Ahead of Psychic TV's performance in London next month, we spoke to Genesis P-Orridge about their forthcoming documentary about the occult group they founded, and the controversies that have surrounded it.
Nadja Sayej

satanic panic: the untold story of thee temple ov psychick youth

Genesis P-Orridge and fellow wreckers of civilisation will tell their stories in A Message from the Temple, a new documentary from filmmaker Jacqueline Castel – watch the trailer now.
Felix Petty

watch genesis p-orridge travel to benin to explore voodoo twin cults

Boundary-pushing artists Genesis P-Orridge and Hazel Hill McCarthy III explore sexuality, duality, and grief in this new arthouse film.
Annie Armstrong

marc jacobs’ new campaign is his latest love letter to the outsider muse

Missy Elliott, Genesis P-Orridge and Sissy Spacek are among those helping the designer celebrate love, art and heroes.
Wendy Syfret

genesis p-orridge is the newest member of the marc jacobs family

Sharing a behind the scenes shot of the legend, the designer could hardly contain his excitement.
Wendy Syfret

why we shouldn't forget the trans pioneers who paved the way for caitlyn and laverne

The trans community might be more visible than ever before, but it’s hardly a new phenomenon. We take a look at the models, performers, porn stars and academics who were their forerunners.
La JohnJoseph