Gay Pride


why we need stronger lgbt+ representation in advertising

It’s probably not a massive shock that LGBT+ people are woefully under represented in advertising -- and then there’s the sad fact that the most complained about advert of 2016 was a builder in heels. So what’s being done to change this? We find out.
Greg French
Think Pieces

the uk's best gay club opens one weekend a year, in a field in somerset

Traditionally the playground of liberated hippies, old rockers, druids and bearded musos, in 2007 Glastonbury introduced a new space: Block 9. Inside, a three-story NYC block was built and behind its facade lay the ultimate gay club.
Paul Flynn
Think Pieces

britain has more openly queer politicians than anywhere (even canada)

But that’s only part of the story. There’s a long way to go before we can feel progressive, considering there have been no elected trans politicians here, ever.
Sophie Wilkinson

is pride still doing what it set out to do?

Celebrating 45 years of LGBT culture, equality and well, pride, London’s Pride weekend has gone from a rally to inviting traditionally homophobic political parties to have an official presence. So what really is the point of it all in 2017.
Amelia Abraham

pride in london retract poster series focusing on straight people

What could be more empowering than a poster celebrating a straight person's perception of gay pride? Oh right, anything.
Ryan White

the fabulous and fierce people of pride

We hit the streets of London at the weekend to shoot this year's Pride, straight up.
Lily Bling

gareth pugh, princess julia, ed marler and more show their #absolutpride

Partnering with the vodka brand, bespoke bottles have been designed by London's best and brightest designers in aid of Gay Pride this weekend!
Lynette Nylander

orlando proves we need pride more than ever

The horrific attacks in Orlando yesterday show us how much work is still to be done to fight homophobia, and that we all need to stand together to do it.
Jacob Hall

has commercialisation ruined gay pride?

We make the case for a new, inclusive, DIY vision for gay protest and visibility.
Scottee Scottee

marching with tears in our eyes at istanbul pride

No one expected to be greeted with open arms or bouquets of roses, but we hardly believed we'd be blasted with tear gas and water cannons.
La JohnJoseph

my i-D: supermodel josephine skriver speaks out on growing up as a rainbow baby

You may recognise Danish supermodel Josephine Skriver from magazine covers, campaigns for Gucci, Armani or DKNY, or pretty much any catwalk under the sun. But what you might not know is that Josephine grew up in an LGBTQ family, with her mother being a...
Tish Weinstock
Think Pieces

being bisexual isn't the same as being straight or gay, so why does no one talk about how it differs?

Okay, so it’s a lot more fun to act out your sexual orientation in a club at 3am than to sit around talking about it. But if you feel passionate about your personal politics, it’s also important to have your say. And I’ll say this; why don’t we talk...
Amelia Abraham