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Think Pieces

community, sex, friendship – the joy of being queer

There might be a long way to go, but let’s celebrate how far we’ve come.
Amelia Abraham
queer spaces

how to run your own lgbt venue

We speak to The Glory's John Sizzle and Her Upstairs' Meth about jacuzzis, door policies and why you should you never mess with a 6'2 promoter in drag.
Nick Levine

queer venue must open on the site of the historic lgbtq pub the joiners arms

The Joiners Arms lives on (sort of)...
Alim Kheraj

WUT?CLUB: meet the new kings and queens of london's lgbtqi nightlife

Come here often, bbz? You should.
i-D Staff
Bojana Kozarevic
Think Pieces

the uk's best gay club opens one weekend a year, in a field in somerset

Traditionally the playground of liberated hippies, old rockers, druids and bearded musos, in 2007 Glastonbury introduced a new space: Block 9. Inside, a three-story NYC block was built and behind its facade lay the ultimate gay club.
Paul Flynn

from drag battles to kamikaze karaoke: celebrating 2 years of the glory pub

Owners Jonny Woo, John Sizzle and Colin Rothbart pick their favourite moments and hedonistic highlights from the east London LGBTQ performance space and local boozer's first two years.
Nick Levine

pleasure, sex and desire: an oral history of the hoist

As London lost yet another vital LGBT space over the weekend, we salute The Hoist as they close their dungeon doors for the final time, and go out with a bang.
Tom Rasmussen