A deep dive investigation into why we're so obsessed with gross food on Instagram

Bone apple teeth! These cursed images make us gag, so why can’t we look away?
Anna Samson

Why the holidays can affect our relationship with food – and how to handle that

For many of us, the Christmas period can be a deeply triggering time. Here's how to practice some self-care.
James Greig

This queer cooking collective hosts psychosexual dinner parties

Serving up everything from shaved pig heart to a witchy scotch bonnet buttercream layer cake, New York's Spiral Theory Test Kitchen wants you to play with your food.
Frankie Dunn

The strange psychology of our mukbang obsession

Competitive overeating has found a new home (and millions of viewers) on YouTube. But while entertaining, for some people it can be dangerous and triggering.
Roisin Lanigan

​food on film, making us hungry

We’re all secretly obsessed with The Great British Bake Off, right? Each episode is a teasing hour full of (sugar) highs, lows, stunning sweets and tasty treats that puts us in a deeply foodie mood. Traverse time and space and rediscover the film foods...
Francesca Dunn

20 years of nose to tail dining with fergus henderson

"It's a terrible thing how much fun I have", Fergus Henderson says of his job as chef and founder of the St John restaurant. Known for his common sense attitude towards food, he's been laying his table with the essentials for fine dining for decades.
Princess Julia

Shadow Child: Music To... Jack To

In the beginning, there was Jack, and Jack had a groove!... This week of music at i-D is kicked off by none other than Food Music's very own Shadow Child. Catch Shadow Child at the UKF Stage at Serbia's Exit Festival.
i-D Team