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matin are power dressing the australian woman

Seven things you need to know about the label that gives good advice and makes even better clothes.
Isabelle Hellyer
fashion interviews

10 things to know about sarah marland, australian fashion’s newest chiller

We spend a few minutes talking friends, family and the future with one of our favourite fresh faces.
Kasumi Borczyk
fashion interview

how melbourne label tlc are very politely disrupting fashion

From repurposing blankets into It garments to taking part in guerilla fashion shows, TLC aren’t interested in the fashion rule book.
Jamie-Maree Shipton

supernatural beauty

When it comes to skin, natural is nice but the right skin-stuff can help make perfect. With over 165 years refining their potions, Kiehl’s offers a plethora of skin-changing solutions. For this story we used their range, sometimes in unconventional...
i-D Staff

woman crush wednesday with @theabebe

What’s your secret party trick? Titties.
Ingrid Kesa
My Crew

my crew: freya esders' friends just wanna kiss and start fires

Meet Freya Esder's beautiful creative family of singers, models and filmmakers in this series which sees photographers shoot their inspiring pals.
i-D Staff

this melbourne collective just captured the perfect ladies night

Peep the delicious short film and get to know one of the brainy babes behind it.
i-D Team

i-D's winter essentials on folk collective's new leading ladies

We speak to Sunni Hart about her unique operation as Jo Duck shoots the girls of Folk in pieces for the coldest season.
Savannah Anand-Sobti