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here are 2019’s best fashion schools from around the world

The Business of Fashion has created a new way to rank schools, offering a smarter method for choosing the right fashion course.
Liam Hess

do you really need a degree to work in fashion?

The fashion industry is changing, and rapidly. Add in a volatile economy, and the financial burden of studying, and the question of a traditional degree’s value looms large. What is the true cost of studying fashion in 2019…
Roisin Lanigan

the 7 types of student you’ll meet at fashion school

From The Pseudo-Theorist to The ‘Accidental’ Margiela Plagiarist, welcome to fashion school, darling.
Mahoro Seward

how do you really measure the success of a fashion degree?

It is common for fashion students to get external help when creating their collections. But what about those who can't afford to?
Gunseli Yalcinkaya

1 granary issue four asks, “does anyone still have fun?”

Expanding its borders to incorporate three more major art schools, 1 Granary’s latest issue sets its sights on unifying international creativity and supporting the next generation of artists and designers.
Greg French

​london fashion schools top 2016 list of the best in the world

The UK capital's best fashion and art schools are in the top echelons of the Business of Fashion's global rankings.
Lula Ososki

​how to get into fashion school

James Anderson, Associate Lecturer at Central Saint Martins, shares 20 ways to wow 'em at your interview.
James Anderson

​10 teachers’ tips for wannabe fashion students

For anyone anxiously preparing for an upcoming interview or daydreaming of a creative career change, these insights and pearls of wisdom could make all the difference.
James Anderson
Think Pieces

​can you get the same experience from an education online as you can from art school?

As the shift of art education slowly but surely moves into the virtual stratosphere, Central Saint Martins graduate Greg French asks what the loss is for creativity and what its gains are in being able to reach a world wide audience.
i-D Staff