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This new WhatsApp feature will stop your mum from spreading so much fake news

Shout out to all the boomers sending around messages saying you can cure coronavirus with hot drinks. Thanks huns.
Roisin Lanigan

All the ways politicians have deceived you in this election so far

From edited video clips to misleading Twitter rebrands, it seems that the goal ahead of December 12 is to keep the UK public from seeing what's really going on.
Marie Le Conte

instagram users can now report fake news

The app has added a new feature to help prevent the spread of misinformation.
Nicole DeMarco

on its 30th birthday, the internet’s creator says it’s not necessarily good for humanity

Happy birthday babe! Looking fab!! xx
Roisin Lanigan

how the 'didn’t happen of the year awards' became the perfect twitter account for our times

Over on Twitter, a community of 100,000 truth vigilantes are eager to sniff out the bullshit behind even the most innocuous of tweets. But what does it say about the world when you can trust nothing that anyone else says?
Matthew Whitehouse

fake news! gucci’s new publication explores our copy and paste culture

To support its upcoming Shanghai-set exhibition, ‘The Artist Is Present’, the Gucciverse has published its own newspaper, ‘The New Work Times,’ where everything is fake and nothing is new.
Steve Salter

have reports of vetements’ death been greatly exaggerated?

Death, fake news and definitions of cool. In this week’s episode of i-D’s fashion podcast, Fash-ON Fash-OFF, we’ll be discussing the Highsnobiety article that made Vetements bluer than Walmart Yodel Boy.
Matthew Whitehouse

new film 'a cure for wellness’ used fake news sites for viral marketing

The movie about fake health treatments, planted fakes stories, on fake websites — keeping up?
Georgie Bretherton
fake news

2016, the year of bad language

It’s been a surprising year in politics with victories for the right in the EU referendum and the US election that few saw coming. Because of this, political lexicon has dominated word of the year lists. Here are the words that have defined the new...
Dean Kissick