Ethical fashion


this free online map could help tackle fashion’s supply chain transparency problem

The Open Apparel Registry (OAR) is an open sourced database mapping garment facilities across the world that wants to make fashion more ethical and sustainable.
Alim Kheraj

the future of fashion is rubbish

CSM MA student Matthew Needham makes fierce fashion out of environmental waste, fly-tipped rubbish and upcycled luxury fashion deadstock.
Steve Salter
the earthwise issue

the designers fashioning the future

A new generation of fashion design graduates are challenging the British fashion industry on issues of ethics and sustainability. Sarah Mower meets nine designers who want change and who want it now.
Sarah Mower

this young designer turns fashion waste into patchwork garments of futurewear

You’ll never look at your charity shop pile in the same way again.
Steve Salter

the young designer tackling fashion’s waste problem

A new project by Westminster Menswear MA student Priya Ahluwalia showcases both her graduate collection, and the urgent need for change in the way we manufacture clothes.
Ryan White

hear from the incarcerated peruvian women empowering themselves by knitting clothes

Each garment the women produce for Scandi brand Carcel carries a label with the name of the women who made it. As well as building a sense of self-worth, the job pays well -- to individuals and to the community.
Emma Finamore

brands celebrate international women's day, but they're still oppressing women workers

As fashion brands cash in on the women’s day hype with feminist slogan T-shirts, ethical label founder Sophie Slater of Birdsong asks who made those clothes, and who is making the money?
Sophie Slater

stella mccartney proved just how beautiful conscious fashion can be

Leading the way once more, the London-born-and-based creative director deconstructed classic wardrobe staples and highlighted how covetable design can be supportive of a more recyclable, circular economy.
Steve Salter

m.i.a. talks exclusively about her first ever merch collection

Following last week’s launch, the rapper, singer-songwriter, record producer, and activist invites us into the world of OHMNI.
Steve Salter

summer of sisterhood: birdsong london open feminist concept store

Cool London label with the mantra ‘No sweatshops, no photoshop’ opens pop-up with local fashion brands, independent magazines, period pants, poetry and a panel debate.
Charlotte Gush

5 of the most radical green ideas from copenhagen fashion summit

The most important conference on sustainability in fashion, CFS 2017 was attended by industry icons, including host Amber Valletta and Vanessa Friedman, and brands including Tiffany & Co, Selfridges and H&M, as well as eco-campaigners and researchers.
Charlotte Gush

in bangladesh, the people who make your clothes are striking for their rights

After the 2013 Rana Plaza factory collapse killed 1,138 people, there has been a focus on building safety, but garment workers striking over Christmas for better wages have been sacked and even arrested. i-D spoke to union leaders and H&M about how the...
Tansy Hoskins